My MC Saving Club

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We care about every aspect of your health and wellness and we are dedicated to providing everyone with the finest pharmacy care available.

Designed Especially For the Uninsured Patients

For patients without insurance, paying for medications can be a serious challenge. That's why we have created our special My MediCenter Pharmacy Savings Club for patients without a prescription plan and for patients in special situations.

Discover the Goldsmith MediCenter Pharmacy Difference

By enrolling in the My MediCenter Savings Club, you have the best of both worlds... low cost prescriptions and the best pharmacy care available. There's no need to sacrifice the personal service, caring and other health-related programs that you'll find at Goldsmith MediCenter Pharmacy.

  • We check for potential drug interactions
  • We offer a Free Medication Review
  • We provide vaccinations. Check with us for schedules and availability
  • We make it easy to transfer your prescriptions. Give a call and we'll do the rest.
  • We offer free Delivery within city limits

Lots of Savings, too!

Not only will you enjoy huge savings on prescriptions, but great prices on all of our other over the counter products, too.

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